Rob’s workshop ‘Writing for Presentation’ will take place at MediaCityUK on 26th July.


His children’s screenwriting workshop will be part of the Settle Stories Festival, 3rd August.


Rob is Writer-in-Residence on the Chatham Placemaking Project, a £4m Government initiative to improve the town centre. Construction work is about to begin to build one hundred of Rob’s poems into the pavements of the town.


As Special Projects Producer for Ridiculusmus, Rob is promoting their new show, Give Me Your Love, which is currently touring the UK:


As Writer-in-Residence for NHS Research & Development NW, Rob is creating a variety of content and workshops as well as managing their archive.


Rob is proud to writing a voice-over for the actor Dominic West, for the documentary ‘After 82’.

Rob is also Editor-in-Chief of The Researcher Magazine, an NHS publication which is read in 45 countries.

CLICK HERE to read the latest issue.

Rob is very proud to be Festival Patron of the Love Arts Festival in Leeds, a city-wide initiative to raise awareness of mental health issues.